Zero Tolerance Policy


Since lessons could restart we’ve noticed a marked decline in behaviour and sadly we’ve come to the point where we must make a few things regarding the treatment of our instructors and staff very plain. Driver Skills North East Zero tolerance policy on disrespectful, threatening, violent or aggressive behaviour towards Driver Skills North East instructors and staff. Our instructors and staff come to work to help others, and it is important for all members of the public to treat them with respect. We aim to treat our pupils and anyone who contacts us, courteously at all times and expect our pupils and those who contact us to treat our instructors and staff in a similarly respectful way.

We take seriously any threatening, disrespectful, aggressive or violent behaviour against any of our instructors or staff. Driver Skills North East operates a zero tolerance policy with regard to threats, disrespect, violence and aggression and we have the right to remove any pupil from the school with immediate effect in order to safeguard staff, instructors and other persons. We will notify the pupil in writing of their removal from the school and record in the pupils file the fact of the removal and the circumstances leading to it. There will be no appeal process.

For anyone who contacts Driver Skills North East via phone, email or social media channels who is aggressive, disrespectful, abusive or threatening. No lessons will be provided and your number will be blocked.

Our instructors vehicles are fitted with front and rear CCTV. Any road user who is aggressive, violent, abusive or threatening will be reported to Durham Constabulary along with the camera footage. This is part of our policy and is highlighted on the rear bumper of our cars.

Driver Skills North East  feels sure you will understand that proper behaviour is absolutely necessary for our instructors and staff to be able to carry out their duties in a safe environment and that non observance will not be accepted.

Further to that, answers to some recurring conversations.

  •  Refresher lessons are for full licence holders only.
  • If a pupil repeatedly cancels lessons within 48 hours of their lesson, their lesson slot will be given away and they will need to find another instructor. If a pupil repeatedly cancels lessons outside of these times, they will need to consider whether now is the right time for them to learn to drive.
  • Learning to drive is based on how you learn to drive, not how your peers learn to drive.
  • If you have started lessons with another instructor while waiting to start lessons with us and have paid us already please get in touch for a refund.
  • We will not change your instructor because they are on holiday for a week.
  • We will not be bullied or blackmailed with threats of bad reviews or being reported to the DVSA because we won’t prioritise you or your child over other students. If we book in multiple lessons a week for 1 then others will miss out, which isn’t fair.
  • We will also not cancel another pupils test so you or your child can have the test.
  • Do not book a test when you don’t have an instructor.
  • Do not book a test your current instructor has not told you to book or is not available for.
  • Test centres will not provide you with a car and our cars are not hire cars.
  • Do not harass our instructors at the test centre, they do not have any space for you and will not ‘loan’ you their car.

We know everyone wants lessons now and to pass their test now, but there is neither the capacity at test centres or within the local driving instructor community to get everyone in right now. Since covid hit in March 2020 there have been a grand total of 6 months broken tuition time in which to get 15 months of pupils into. It’s just not possible and so some will have to wait. However people booking tests without an instructor, not turning up for tests or going in for tests ‘just to give it a go’ are making the situation worse. We’re all just trying doing our very best in difficult circumstances and would really appreciate a bit more understanding.



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