Manual Intensive Courses

All our courses start between 1 – 5 weeks prior to your test date with your final driving lesson being on the test date itself. Our courses are fully adaptable to each pupil. If you are still unsure of which course to choose we recommend you book an assessment drive first where you will receive professional advice and guidance from your driving instructor on the length of course applicable to your current driving ability. This will ensure you are best equipped and trained for the practical test.

We now provide a Weekly Payment option for all our Intensive Courses which can include Theory Tuition, Theory Test, Practical Test and as many hours Practical Tuition as required. Starting from as little as £20 per week. Please contact our team on 0191 3749083 for more information and options.

Manual Intensive Courses Rates – !Book Online!


15 Hour Intensive Driving Course over 1 Week

Great for someone who has done lots of lessons and wants to intensify their learning prior to test. Including Practical Test – £560

20 Hour Intensive Course over 1-2 Weeks

This is ideal for someone who has previously had lessons and does additional private practice on a regular basis. Including Practical Test – £720

30 Hour Intensive Course over 2-3 Weeks

Ideal for someone who has driven before and can do upwards of 10 hours additional private practice. Including Practical Test – £1,040

40 Hour Intensive Course over 2-6 Weeks
This is perfect for anyone who has never driven before and wants to learn intensively over a few weeks. Including Practical Test – £1,360

‘Pass in 1 Week’ Intensive Course

We also provide a ‘Pass in 1 week’ highly intensive course for £1,460. Please contact our office to discuss this further or if you’re ready to go ahead, you can book here!


Before booking your Manual Intensive Course please ensure you have passed your Theory Test. You can practice for your Theory Test via our Theory Test Pro site.

 Theory Test Pro in partnership with Driver Skills North East

For more information or to book….

  • Phone 0191 3749083
  • Text ‘ManualBook’ to 07838055099
  • Email driverskillsnortheast@gmail.com

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