Covid Safe Working


Given the nature of our work, we are in close confines for long periods of time, where minimum social distancing is not possible, mixing with 4 or more pupils per day 5-6 days per week. We must do everything we can in order to limit the spread of covid. Should an instructor contract covid, by the time symptoms show they would be able to spread this to at least 30 other pupils, all of whom would be impacted by cancelled tests, cancelled lessons and the effects of the virus itself. Within the school we have several instructors and pupils who are classed as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable to covid, we must do our part in keeping these safe from exposure too.

Driving Lessons

In order to ensure the continuation of driving lessons, all pupils with Driver Skills North East are required to wear a face covering for all lessons, take a lateral flow test 24-48 hours before each driving lesson and be fit and well for the lessons they attend. Instructors will wear face coverings on all lessons, unless they are teaching a member of their household, thoroughly sanitise the vehicle and instructors will regularly take lateral flow tests and ensure they are fit and well for all lessons. Face coverings must be worn as intended, covering fully, the mouth and nose.


Pupils who are exempt from wearing a face covering will need to contact the school directly in order to discuss this with us and provide evidence. Widely available self print exemptions are not sufficient. Exempt pupils will be allocated to an instructor who has volunteered to teach them. However, if we have no volunteers, then we would not be able to accommodate the pupil and they would need to go with another driving school. No instructor will be required or obliged to take a pupil on lessons or test who does not to wear a face covering or refuses to provide a negative lateral flow test.


The DVSA requires all instructors and pupils to wear face coverings on lessons and on driving tests. Examiners are actively taking note of instructors and their pupils who do not wear face coverings when out on lessons, reporting them to the DVSA and when that instructor brings pupils to test, wether they are wearing a face covering on the day or not, the test will be refused.
Driving Tests

When a pupil books a driving test they must declare if they are exempt from wearing a face covering. If they are exempt, the DVSA will seek further information from the pupil and will look for volunteer examiners to take this pupil out on test. If there are no volunteer examiners at their chosen test centre then they may have to go to a different test centre.

If a pupil cannot wear a face covering on lessons but finds they can wear one for the expediency of their driving test, then that pupil would need to wear a face covering for all of their lessons too

Contact Us

Further information or clarification can be obtained by contacting the Driver Skills North East manager on 0191 3749083


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