Automatic Intensive Courses


15 Hour Intensive Driving Course over 1 Week

Great for someone who has done upwards of 35 hours tuition recently and wants to intensify their learning prior to test or for someone who has previously failed a driving test.  – £599

20 Hour Intensive Course over 1-2 Weeks

This is ideal for someone who has previously had upwards of 25 hours of lessons and does additional private practice on a regular basis. – £799

30 Hour Intensive Course over 2-3 Weeks

Ideal for someone who has previously had regular driving lessons and can do upwards of 10 hours additional private practice – £1,299

40 Hour Intensive Course over 2-5 Weeks

Ideal for someone who has never driven before and has no access to private practice or for someone who’s learning has been spread out over many years.- £1,599

40 Hour 1 Week Intensive Course

Not for the faint hearted! This is 40 hours of highly intense driving tuition over a week. This is for someone who’s done very little or no driving before, someone who has a very good attention span and can commit to the lessons. Ideal for someone who can take a week off work to pass their test. This course cannot be done around other commitments. £1,899