Mental Health and Well Being of our ADIs

Stop and smell the flowers…life is worth slowing down for and it’s never been more important to prioritise the mental heath and well being of our ADIs.
The past 18 months have really highlighted how much our days were absorbed in long working hours and a hectic lifestyle. Putting family and life itself aside to grow our school. The determination to also help as many pupils pass their driving test as we possibly could. This wasn’t healthy for long term mental health and well being.
Being a driving instructor involves long hours of very mentally focused tuition and being hyper vigilant of ever changing surroundings for long periods of time.
Over the lockdowns it’s given us and our instructors much needed space to reflect. Getting to spend time with family. Enjoying time outside of a tuition car and expanding their professional development. As a result this has improved both their physical, mental health and well being, along with making them even better instructors.
We’re incredibly proud of our instructors and we’re keen to see this continues.

Going forward

Changes are coming in the way we run Driver Skills North East Driving School. This is to put at the forefront our family orientated ethos and ethical tuition practices. The way for us to do this is by having set structured lesson times. As well as modified opening and closing times. We’ll be recruiting more ADIs to help with the volume of pupils. So if you’re interested in becoming a Driver Skills North East ADI you can find out more information on that here.

What we’re doing differently

Our lessons will be structured so that no instructor is doing more than 6 hours of tuition a day. This will include plenty of downtime in between to both sanitise the car, as part of our COVID secure procedures. To spend time reflecting on the last lesson. Preparing for the next and to have a few moments to do absolutely nothing at all as that’s really important too.
While this won’t work for everyone. We feel we must set structure and boundaries in order to prevent burnout of our instructors and to keep the integrity of lessons for pupils. So that we can all benefit from driving instructors that provide a high degree of driving tuition and go on to teach safe confident drivers.

Getting help

Being an ADI is a very lonely and isolated career. Remember its ok to say you’re not ok, many are with you in this and you are not alone. Reach out to your fellow ADI’s, contact us or  you can contact Samaritans by clicking here. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.