The suspension of driver training and testing started in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, driving lessons and theory tests have resumed from 4 July in England, followed later by Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) will email pupils to rebook their postponed tests. These test invite emails will be performed in batches and it may take a few weeks before pupils get the all the emails. Links within these emails won’t expire, which is convenient if pupils can’t arrange their lessons and tests immediately.
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The DVSA may also send text messages if email addresses don’t work. Alternatively, the DVSA may also send letters to pupils on how to properly arrange their tests. The government has released regulations and guidance in post-pandemic situation for driving instructors.

With that being said, here are some important things to know about the regulations in place for UK driving instructors post COVID:

Risk Management- driving instructors should minimise workplace risks by taking various preventative measures. If instructors or pupils are feeling unwell, they shouldn’t attend the lesson. In every situation, there must be regular habits of cleaning touch points and hand sanitising or hand washing where possible.

Physical Distancing In Vehicles- the transmission of COVID-19 could be prevented by maintaining a safe distance between individuals. However, it is not viable to maintain a one-metre distance within a vehicle. To minimise risk, Instructors and driving students should wear face masks at all times, be free of any COVID symptoms and sanitise their hands prior to their lesson. All car windows should be fully lowered when instructors and pupils sit side-by-side. Driving instructors should implements all of the safety measures introduced by the DVSA and should wear face coverings at all times. It’s optional to use disposable seat covers and wearing gloves

How Driving Tests Will Work –. The day of your driving test, your driving instructor will bring you to the test centre. The number of pupils arriving for tests will be limited. All pupils must bring their own face mask and be fit and well for their driving test. The examiner will ask you to remove your mask to check your driving licence picture matches you. Your mask will be replaced and you’ll both enter the car. The driving test will last approximately 40 minutes, however if you make a serious or dangerous fault, the examiner will terminate the test early and you’ll return to the test centre.

When Driving Lessons And Tests Should Be Postponed- driving instructors and pupils should postpone lessons and tests in certain situations. If they had interactions with someone who has coronavirus symptoms, it is important to impose self-quarantine measures. They should wait for confirmation from the NHS Test and Trace service about their risk-level. If instructors and pupils have returned to the United Kingdom within the last two weeks, it is highly recommended to perform self-quarantine measures.

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